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Expert Cybersecurity Company in the Midwest

ProCircular enables organizations to confidently manage their cybersecurity risk with information security services. We strive to help you manage risk, improve security readiness, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and continually address your organization’s latest cyber threats.

Who We Are

ProCircular is a top Midwest cybersecurity consulting company based in Iowa with a nationwide footprint. We’re powered by industry experts with IT and security experience across industries and organizations such as educational institutions, research and development organizations, high-profile corporate companies, and more.

What Sets Us Apart

At ProCircular, we believe success is all about people and the relationships we create. We treat everyone respectfully and embrace diversity in opinions — the world would be dull if everyone looked and thought identically. 

We’re a team of can-doers who are always on the lookout for learning opportunities. Our experts are proud computer geeks, compliance gurus, and incident response veterans, not fearmongers. When we identify an issue, we’ll prepare a solution to move you toward cybersecurity maturity and keep you there.

Our team’s expertise and hands-on approach will provide insights and practical recommendations to keep your business safe and secure. You could hire another cybersecurity company and find similar methodology, techniques, and processes. What separates our service from others is our people, the long-term relationship we develop, our unique diversity of skills, and the actionable results we deliver. 

Our Cybersecurity Services

ProCircular offers a comprehensive suite of security services to bring you cybersecurity confidence and peace of mind.

  • Penetration testingGet more security than simple network scans can provide. We’ll work to gain access to your system just like a hacker would and provide you with a detailed report and threat mitigation recommendations.
  • Managed extended detection and response (MXDR): Maximize threat detection, response and resolution across your network system. Our MXDR services consistently monitor endpoints and centralize security data from disparate systems for a holistic view of your security status.
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer servicesFill a crucial and challenging role with our virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services. Our cybersecurity experts work with you to design, deploy, and oversee all your information security to keep your operation systems safe from security threats.
  • Risk assessment: Determine your current security posture with a thorough risk assessment. We’ll perform a detailed analysis of your existing infrastructure, policies, and processes to establish a baseline and expose crucial gaps.
  • Incident response planning and tabletop: Evaluate your team’s readiness to identify, respond to, and resolve cyber incidents with minimal damage. Our experts come on-site to guide your team through potential scenarios so we can improve their preparedness for security incidents.
  • Governance risk and compliance consulting: Measure your company’s existing governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) protocols for their ability to meet your needs and objectives. Our team helps you determine your current strategy’s effectiveness and craft a blueprint to improve it further.

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Looking for world-class cybersecurity services based in the Midwest? Our cybersecurity firm has services ranging from holistic assessments of your entire security posture, to deep dives into your specific network vulnerabilities or full-service monitoring and alerting programs. Cybersecurity is easy to ignore until it is too late. Partner with the leader in cybersecurity companies in Minnesota and Iowa and stay ahead of the threats. 

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