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Application Penetration Testing Services in Minnesota and Iowa

If your business has applications, penetration testing can help you catch vulnerabilities and ensure compliance and tight security for your employees, customers and partners. By simulating a cyber attack, cybersecurity professionals can accurately identify weak spots and provide recommendations for remediation. Penetration testing for applications focuses on the unique landscape of web-based programs and the security threats they face.

What Is an Application Penetration Test?

Web application penetration testing replicates a real cyber attack on an application, except the attackers are on your side. They’re cyber security professionals who find weak spots in the program. They’ll use ethical hacking techniques to identify gaps, assess security risks, and provide actionable insights about how to fix the issues they find.

These problems range from inadequate threat monitoring to a lack of security awareness training for employees. An expert team of application penetration testers can help you address specific concerns, such as compliance requirements, while looking for the wide range of cyber threats that can endanger your web app.

Penetration testing an application is crucial for creating a roadmap for improved security measures and adjusting to developing threats. Your app may have been secure when you launched it a year ago, but hackers are always creating new techniques. Staying abreast of these tactics is a key part of the job for a dedicated cybersecurity team. They can conduct penetration testing with industry-leading resources and leverage their awareness of ongoing threats. We recommend application penetration testing services at least once a year to maintain your security.

ProCircular’s Application Penetration Testing Services

ProCircular takes a hands-on approach, combining manual exploitation techniques and the latest hardware and software tools to discover weaknesses in an application. We dig deep into your application to find vulnerabilities and help you ensure a secure, reliable user experience and meet security requirements set by regulators. Our team of certified ethical hackers stays ahead of the game by constantly updating their knowledge of known attack methods and vulnerabilities.

Deliverables include an exhaustive application security test, a prioritized list of the most critical risks, and a detailed roadmap of remediation suggestions. This assessment will provide benefits such as insights and recommendations to fortify your application’s security and minimize data exposure. We’ll help you proactively avoid hacks and implement tools to reduce risk if one occurs.

A hacker could target your business in several ways. Some target protected user information or proprietary business data, while others will try to hold your data hostage. We’ll look for weaknesses across these areas and pay special attention to your organization’s unique needs. For example, our team can help healthcare organizations lock down patient data and support critical businesses in maintaining uptime. We’ll also work with you to identify which remediation methods would be the most impactful and beneficial for your business and your goals.

Our team can present information and suggestions to your organization, or we can take action ourselves with a wide range of additional services, including:

How Do We Test Application Security?

ProCircular’s application penetration test is a professional assessment that uses an attacker’s perspective to find app security vulnerabilities or misconfigurations in a application and its underlying infrastructure. During the application penetration testing process, our team aims to break into the application using methods a real-world hacker might use. Plus, everything we do occurs with minimal downtime. We understand the importance of keeping your app running, so we’ll stay behind the scenes as much as possible.

We’ll take a holistic approach to finding problems, inspecting the nooks and crannies of the platform to find issues related to malicious code, broken authentication, misconfiguration, and many other areas. After our penetration testing for apps, our experienced technicians can use their collected insights to fix errors and prevent cyber attackers from accessing private systems and sensitive data.

What Tools Do We Use For Application Penetration Testing?

ProCircular’s application penetration test is based on the OWASP Testing Methodology and uses a combination of automated, manual, and proprietary analysis techniques to uncover critical security risks and vulnerabilities within an application, its underlying web infrastructure, database configurations, and API Endpoints.

While our sophisticated penetration testing software is a significant part of the process, our experienced team is just as valuable. We can achieve thorough, efficient, and practical web application penetration testing by combining the human touch with capable technology. Our team receives ongoing cybersecurity training and holds a wide range of industry certifications.

By intentionally exploiting an application’s weak spots, our cybersecurity professionals collect practical insights, prioritized based on which fixes are most critical to protect the system against real threats.

What Do Businesses Get With Our App Penetration Testing?

Businesses can rest easy with our application penetration testing in Iowa and Minnesota. ProCircular’s penetration testing services come with the following advantages:

List Item One

List Item One

Exhaustive application security test, a prioritized list of the most critical risks, and a detailed roadmap of remediation suggestions

List Item Two

List Item Two

Professional assessment of your application that identifies vulnerabilities or misconfigurations

List Item Three

List Item Three

Insights to fix errors and prevent cyber attackers from accessing private systems and sensitive data 

Partner With ProCircular for Application Penetration Testing in Iowa and Minnesota

Businesses of all types and sizes turn to ProCircular as their qualified penetration testing company. Our cybersecurity experts thoroughly assess the most common and hazardous vulnerabilities hidden within your applications with rigorous penetration tests. To learn more about our penetration testing services and threat assessment, contact us online.