Cybersecurity Compliance Services and Assessments

ProCircular’s compliance experts will help you ensure the proper security controls are in place to meet various industry cybersecurity compliance standards.

What is compliance in cybersecurity?

Industries that handle sensitive information (i.e., personal health information, credit card Information, or personally-identifying information) are required to protect that information to an industry-set standard. At any time, your organization could be subject to a compliance audit by the respective governing body. ProCircular’s compliance assessment will help you identify compliance gaps in your organization’s security program, and offer recommendations to remediate them.

Our experts are well-versed in various industry cybersecurity compliance standards, including:

  • CMMC compliance is required for any organization that bids on contracts with the US government
  • SOC 2 compliance is required for technology-based service organizations that store client data in the cloud
  • ISO 27001 compliance is required for information security management systems (ISMS)
  • NIST compliance is required for organizations doing business with the US government
  • FERPA compliance is required for educational agencies and institutions
  • HIPAA compliance is required for any organization that stores individually identifiable health information
  • GDPR compliance is required for organizations that process personal data of people in the EU

Compliance for cybersecurity often seems intimidating, but our team of experts can answer any questions you have during the process. 

Why is security compliance important?

The goal of compliance regulations is to protect customers, organizations, and the security of their shared data. These standards are put in place by government or industrial authorities to ensure that sensitive data kept by these organizations is properly handled and securely stored. ProCircular’s compliance gap assessment will give you the visibility you need to avoid the financial and reputational costs of security non-compliance.

ProCircular’s Cybersecurity Compliance Standards Assessment

The best way to find out about your organization’s cybersecurity health is to perform a compliance assessment with one of our knowledgeable experts. No matter which industry or compliance standard, auditing bodies can require an audit unexpectedly. ProCircular’s cybersecurity compliance services provide an unbiased, third-party examination that will give your team a realistic view of your company’s compliance status. After the assessment, we provide a full report of compliance gaps and recommendations for remediation so you can maximize your compliance.

What do I get?

What is a cybersecurity audit?

An audit is a cybersecurity compliance service that will assist you in determining your preparedness to comply with requirements for regulation. The audit might include a documentation review, interviews with departmental leads, and general observations. Reporting will include identification of compliance gaps, as well as detailed remediation recommendations.

Each compliance engagement touches on the following areas: 

  • Control Group 
  • Application & Interface Security 
  • Audit Assurance & Compliance 
  • Business Continuity Management & Operational Resilience 
  • Change Control & Configuration Management 
  • Data Security & Information Lifecycle Management 
  • Datacenter Security 
  • Encryption & Key Management 
  • Governance and Risk Management 
  • Human Resources 
  • Identity & Access Management 
  • Infrastructure & Virtualization Security 
  • Interoperability & Portability 
  • Mobile Security 
  • Security Incident Management, E-Discovery & Cloud Forensics 
  • Supply Chain Management, Transparency, and Accountability 
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management 

Our Compliance Audit Process

The benefit of a compliance assessment with ProCircular is that we show our work. We conduct our assessment with your team to help you understand exactly where and why your compliance gaps are forming. Here’s what you can expect when you hire ProCircular for a compliance assessment:

  1. First, we will schedule a project kick-off meeting to review the compliance assessment process and introduce you to your assessment lead. 
  2. ProCircular’s compliance assessment specialist will take the perspective of an unbiased, independent third-party evaluator and investigate various departments of your business to find security gaps. This assessment can be conducted virtually or in-person, and typically runs 3-4 days. 
  3. The results and recommendations from the assessment are combined into an executive summary report that includes a qualitative measure of your business’ compliance, as well as recommendations for maximizing your security posture.

Protect Your Organization: Hire ProCircular to Be Your Cybersecurity Compliance Company

Partner with one of the top cybersecurity companies in Iowa. Our compliance assessment is your first step to ensuring your organization meets industry-required security standards. The final report will act as your guide toward achieving full compliance and maximizing your organization’s security.