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All companies tout their core values. Sadly, most are merely hollow words meant to make the boardroom feel like they’re projecting the right image. 

ProCircular is different, and the Core Values are where we started.

Long before ProCircular signed a lease or landed its first client, we drafted these principles to reflect the place that we wanted to work. They hold true today and guide everything that we do.  

We sell our services using reason and empathy because “Fear is the Mind Killer.” When we’re onsite for Incident Response, we’re practicing “Cool Heads, Warm Hearts.”  Having a passionate discussion about a technology choice? “Strong Opinions, Lightly Held” is our modus operandi.

And in everything that we do – It’s About People.

It’s about people

People define every part of our business. Growth potential is based on the abilities and personalities of the people involved. Technology solutions are a part of the equation, but it’s the people in an organization that define its true security. We work hardest when we’re supporting one another. We take care of each other; we take care of our families, and in doing so we take better care of our customers.

Fear is the mind killer

We don’t let fear define the need for our services and we don’t present a problem without discussing realistic response or mitigation options. There’s more than enough to worry about in life and plenty of people telling us to be afraid. We’re solutions people, not fear mongers.

Strong opinions lightly held

Opinions are important—they coalesce facts, reason, experience, and judgment into actionable points of view. We present our opinions with logic and reason rather than emotions, offering several alternatives to each challenge and the supporting data. The rejection of an idea is not a rejection of the individual or their merit. Everyone has a voice and a chance to speak, regardless of title, station or seniority.

Quality over speed, speed over cost

Every organization must consciously balance quality, speed, and cost. We will always put the quality of our work first. We make great efforts to move quickly, but never at the expense of quality. While we strive to keep our services affordable, we never choose an inexpensive alternative that will adversely impact quality or speed.

Cool heads, warm hearts

We keep a cool head and help others do the same, especially in a crisis. We approach adversity with patience, logic, and understanding. Mistakes happen; we don’t hide, ignore, condemn, or fear them. Mistakes are opportunities to exemplify honesty, accountability, professionalism, tolerance, and grace. Instead of pointing a finger, we use humor, empathy, and fun when it matters most.


We treat each other how we hope to be treated. We don’t yell; we aren’t condescending, and we always try to understand the other person’s perspective, before reacting to it. We keep it light and we listen. We extend this principle to our customers, and we understand that talking down to them is the easiest way to send them to a competitor.

Tomorrow just happened

Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans. We work hard on today but we’re always thinking about the future. We take extra time to make sure we’re learning and looking ahead. No matter what your discipline or area of expertise, you’re adding your capabilities to the long-term plan for the organization and its clients.

Share these values?

At ProCircular, it’s about people. We pride ourselves in hiring the best and brightest in the industry. If you share these values apply today to be a part of Iowa’s fastest growing cybersecurity firm.