Cyber Escape Room Training for any Business

Typical cybersecurity awareness training can be a mind-numbing experience. Much like traditional training you’re either waiting for the ability to click or checking the clock to see when it’s over. ProCircular’s cyber escape room turns the tables on that model. It reinforces positive security behavior, encourages collaboration to identify threats, and ensures a memorable experience.  

A hacker is inside of your network, and only your employees can protect the business by working together. A briefcase with a series of clues has been left behind, and several different sets of skills are necessary to identify the threat and determine what data he was able to access.

What do I get?

Employees learn to avoid phishing, data classification, password complexity, physical security, and even a little bit of cryptography. Attendees will employ all these skills in their daily lives, and unlike normal training they’re not likely to forget the experience. 

Each two-hour session includes an introduction to basics of cybersecurity, rules of the game, the sixty minute exercise, and a follow up Q&A to highlight lessons learned. Employees are divided randomly into small teams to encourage diversity and guided through the exercise by ProCircular instructors.     

Why ProCircular?

  • An alternative to lecture-style training, employees learn the concepts and then immediately apply them.
  • No need for technical cybersecurity skills – everyone can contribute
  • ProCircular instructors encourage fun, creativity and a little healthy competition