Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment helps an organization set a baseline understanding of how mature their cybersecurity program is and where the critical gaps are. The primary goal of the risk assessment is to document the existing state of the cybersecurity organization and its risks. This program collects the relevant documents around strategy and builds an inventory of existing systems, applications, hardware, software, processes, and procedures. 

What do I get?

ProCircular’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

During the Risk Assessment (RA) phase, ProCircular uses a series of interviews and/or questionnaires, as well as evidence collection, to assess the Client’s current risks. ProCircular will reference security best practices and other industry-accepted security standards, regulations, and controls frameworks such as the ISO 27001/27002, COBIT, PCI, NIST, HIPAA, CIS, and CSA to fully assess risks. We will then review responses, create a risk matrix with prioritized recommendations, and meet with the Client to discuss risk management planning, mitigation, communications, prioritization, and scheduling.

Why ProCircular?

Our team has decades of experience in risk management, compliance, and cybersecurity.  Having implemented and owned many of the systems and processes that you depend upon, you’ll receive an exhaustive list of your most critical risks and a plan to move forward.  ProCircular’s risk assessments take into account technical, governance, compliance, vendors, and most importantly people. Some other benefits of working with us include:

  1. The engagement is a 2-3 day coaching/consulting session with an expert in information security. 
  2. We provide a short prioritized list of next steps.
  3. Our recommendations are practical and sized appropriately for the organization and industry.