Cybersecurity Risk Assessments for Businesses

The primary goal of a cybersecurity risk assessment is to improve your security maturity. When our security experts perform risk analytics for cybersecurity, they’re looking for red flags and gaps in your cybersecurity plan. They look at your network holistically, considering all software, hardware and human components in order to provide a comprehensive picture of your organization’s key risk factors.  

Headquartered in Iowa, our team of cybersecurity experts is proud to serve leading organizations in Minnesota, Nebraska and across the entire Midwest.

What is a Cyber Risk Assessment?

Cybersecurity risk management and cyber risk assessments are an essential part of protecting your organization from outside threats and data breaches. A robust cyber risk assessment program will involve collecting relevant strategic documents and policies and building an inventory of existing systems, applications, hardware, software, processes, and procedures.

Along with knowledge and understanding of common cybersecurity risks for businesses, risk assessments bring together all relevant information in order to provide actionable insights for fortifying your network and systems.

What are the most common cyber security risks? 

Cybersecurity risks for businesses may include: 

  • Improper or incomplete incident response plans
  • Insufficient business continuity plans
  • Insufficient end-user security training
  • Inappropriate password management
  • A lack of physical security controls around sensitive data storage
  • And more

These risks can lead to industry compliance infractions, data breaches, and general network vulnerability.

Why do businesses need cybersecurity?

Undocumented, unenforced, or outdated security controls threaten a business’ compliance position and integrity. ProCircular’s risk assessment is designed to shine a light on the most critical and treatable risks within an organization so that you can take steps to improve your cybersecurity plans and processes.

“Security is not about hardware and software. When it comes to risk management for an organization, it is an important concept to adopt. Risk management can be used to leverage multiple solutions to bolster an organization’s security.”  – John R. Mallery, author of Computer and Information Security Handbook, October 2018 

What do I get?

ProCircular’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

During a risk assessment, our team uses a customized approach to document the organization’s existing security posture. We have decades of experience in cyber risk assessments, compliance, and other cybersecurity processes. Having implemented and owned many of the systems and programs you depend upon, we’re able to highlight the risks that affect your business the most. 

ProCircular’s cybersecurity risk assessments consider technical vulnerabilities, inconsistencies in governance, compliance gaps, vendor risks, and, most importantly, the human element of security. Our assessment professionals work directly with the departments accountable for security remediation and provide recommendations to optimize overall compliance and security. 

How do you conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment?

  1. After purchasing a risk assessment from ProCircular, we will schedule a project kick-off meeting to review the risk assessment process and introduce you to your assessment lead. 
  2. ProCircular’s risk assessment specialist will take the perspective of an unbiased, independent third-party evaluator and investigate various departments of your business to find security gaps. This assessment can be conducted virtually or in-person, and typically runs 3-4 days. 
  3. The results and recommendations from the assessment are combined into an executive summary report that includes both a qualitative measure of your cyber risk, as well as a report of identified risks and prioritized steps to understanding your organization’s most critical issues. 

Schedule a ProCircular Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Today

ProCircular’s cybersecurity risk assessment provides you with the most comprehensive view of your security posture. The final report will act as your guide toward achieving compliance standards and maximizing your organization’s security.