Cybersecurity Services in Education

Educational institutions, whether K-12, college, or university, all depend heavily on their computer systems and the internet. ProCircular has worked with institutions of all sizes, from small to state-level international firms, to protect data and keep them up and running. We understand the importance of cybersecurity for school districts and higher-learning institutions.

The ultimate goal of cybersecurity in education is to give you peace of mind so you can focus on cultivating a safe and fruitful learning environment. When you partner with ProCircular, our information security services experts will work closely with your teams to provide realistic and actionable guidance, improving your security and enabling you to protect yourselves and your students better. 

Cybersecurity Challenges for School Districts, Colleges & Universities

Cybersecurity in education presents many unique cybersecurity challenges:

Increasing Use of Online Education and Testing

Over the past several months, there has been a huge increase in schools and universities relying on online systems in order to deliver lessons and facilitate test-taking. While online education platforms are a safe and convenient alternative to in-person schooling, they are more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Protecting Online Records

At schools and universities, many sensitive records are stored digitally. This includes students’ personal information, health-related records, institutional financial data and other information. ProCircular offers services for enhanced cybersecurity in educational settings — helping you safeguard essential data. 

Managing Account Turnover

Turnover is a natural part of any school, as students graduate and new students enroll. Faculty turnover is another factor to consider when thinking about cybersecurity for school districts. ProCircular can equip you with everything you need to prevent issues with online account turnover.

Balancing Security with Freedom

Educational environments should foster freedom, creativity and innovation. ProCircular can help you implement cybersecurity solutions that don’t infringe on your students’ and staff members’ autonomy and ability to collaborate freely.

Observing Compliance Guidelines

School faculty and administrators must follow a number of compliance-related demands in order to protect sensitive information. ProCircular’s team of experts is well-versed in compliance requirements for cybersecurity in education, and we’re eager to help ease the burden on your team by offering our expertise.

Student taking online class on laptop

Cybersecurity Threats Facing Higher Education

Along with these unique challenges are the specific threats associated with cybersecurity for school districts and universities. Some of the common cybersecurity threats for schools include:

  • Internal Threats from students who may learn how to use publicly available hacker tools.
  • External Threats from outside individuals who may attempt to access private information and records. These hackers may cause a data breach when they use techniques such as email phishing, denial of service and ransomware.
  • Human Error – All students and staff are susceptible to human error in record-keeping and account management, and some errors may result in network vulnerability.

Information Security Services for Educational Institutions

ProCircular offers a number of products and services in order to facilitate improved cybersecurity for school districts, universities and other educational organizations.

Protect Your Students, Faculty & Educational Institution with ProCircular

ProCircular is among the top cybersecurity companies in Iowa, and we have worked with schools, colleges and universities of all sizes. We are eager to partner with you and your team in order to enable a safer and more secure educational environment for your staff and students. Reach out to our team today to get started creating a cybersecurity plan.