Cybersecurity Solutions for Government Entities

State, county and municipal governments face a variety of different challenges when it comes to protecting valuable and sensitive information. Citizens expect the Government to protect their personal and financial data while minimizing reliance on taxpayer funding. As a result, budgets are limited, and leaders in IT and Security are forced to get creative with their solutions. 

Our team of government cybersecurity experts has worked with all levels of government and can help to provide strategies, insights and innovative solutions to meet those unique challenges. Headquartered in Coralville, Iowa, ProCircular has supported auditors, city managers and leaders in some of the largest counties in the Midwest. We have also worked with leaders at the state level to help safeguard citizens’ privacy and security.  

Cybersecurity Challenges for State and Local Governments

Several unique and conflicting challenges facing those responsible for protecting the citizens of their respective areas. These challenges include:

Protecting Elections

Elections require heightened security and drive significant changes to priority with some frequency. Government cybersecurity for elections means taking extra precautions to prevent voter fraud, keep ballots safe and promote citizens’ access to key election information.

Working with Aging Networks and Systems

Government offices often operate using complex systems and aging networks. Older systems are especially vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. ProCircular considers these cybersecurity challenges for state and local governments when implementing solutions.

Balancing Transparency and Security

Citizens expect a certain amount of transparency from their government representatives. However, transparency must be balanced with security and data protection. Government offices store personal data, financial information, legal documents and other sensitive information.

Shifting Government Priorities

Government authorities are constantly responding to new information and making plans in order to provide citizens with the most up-to-date facts. Flexibility is needed in order to address changing priorities and allow agencies to focus on the most important things — all while keeping information and communication secure.

Voters at Polling Place

Cybersecurity Threats Facing Government Agencies

The biggest threats to the public sector are different than those facing most companies:

  • Hacktivists and state actors are far more likely to use public sites to distribute propaganda.
  • Hackers can easily access public contracts and other freely available information, giving them an excellent opportunity to learn about their targets.
  • Ransomware is increasingly likely due to very high traffic levels and a high volume of emails being sent.
  • Data Breaches are often more costly and more dangerous when government networks are targeted because they can compromise confidential data and sensitive government information.
  • Cyberattacks can threaten critical government infrastructure and threaten citizens’ safety and wellbeing.

Information Security Services for Government Agencies

ProCircular’s team of experts is experienced with developing and implementing cybersecurity solutions for government agencies. These solutions are tailored to suit unique needs related to cybersecurity for local government, state governments and other civic entities.

Protect Your Community with ProCircular

Government cybersecurity is complex, and it’s an essential part of protecting our communities. ProCircular is among the best cybersecurity companies in Iowa, and we’re experienced with handling many different types of cybersecurity challenges for state and local governments. If you’re ready to take government cybersecurity to the next level, reach out to our team.