Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Healthcare is fast-paced and stressful, and patients and employees have appropriately high expectations for safety and security standards. Just as patients expect exemplary care and attention to detail from their doctors, the same goes for the teams that support healthcare efforts. 

Headquartered in Coralville, Iowa, ProCircular’s healthcare cybersecurity solutions are where healthcare and cybersecurity meet. Our goal is to protect healthcare providers, healthcare employees and their patients. As a leading healthcare cybersecurity company, we have extensive experience assisting organizations and provider networks with protecting valuable data, and we can help you meet ever-changing compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity Challenges for Hospitals and Healthcare Settings

Healthcare has several unique and significant challenges that must be met simultaneously:

Protecting Essential Digital Systems

In healthcare settings, computerized systems and data directly support patients’ health and wellbeing. Because technology is so essential in the day-to-day operation of hospitals, clinics and other facilities, these systems need to be completely functional, safe and confidential at all times.

Safely Storing Sensitive Data

Because data is now frequently stored digitally, centralized collections of extremely sensitive and valuable information are now more vulnerable than ever before. ProCircular’s considerations for healthcare and cybersecurity can help protect data storage systems.

Complying with Regulatory Expectations

Many agencies exist to protect medical patients’ private information. The regulatory expectations are constantly evolving. We can help you understand and meet strict security guidelines set in place by HIPAA, OCR, PCI and other agencies, ensuring you remain compliant and avoid warnings and fines.

Safeguarding Confidential Communication

Healthcare organizations and their networks experience a high volume of messages containing sensitive data. We can help prevent cybersecurity issues from occurring within any of your websites, applications or other online communication systems.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Issues and Threats

When it comes to healthcare and cybersecurity, there are a number of unique issues and threats to consider:

  • Hackers and Criminals who focus solely on healthcare data and personal medical information
  • Phishing and email scams carefully designed for healthcare settings
  • Outdated Technology and Equipment is oftentimes difficult to secure but is needed in order to operate certain medical devices and instruments
  • Vulnerable Online Systems and an ever-increasing dependence on telemedicine and remote health systems
  • Human Error is possible no matter what industry you’re in. Using systems incorrectly can leave them vulnerable to hacking and data breaches.

Information Security Services for Healthcare Institutions

ProCircular offers a number of products and services to address and fix healthcare cybersecurity issues for hospitals, clinics, provider networks and other healthcare facilities and organizations. These healthcare cybersecurity solutions are designed especially for the challenges of medical environments, and they’re tailored to suit your specific needs and goals.

Protect Your Patients, Team Members and Healthcare Facility with ProCircular

When you’re ready to put together a healthcare or hospital cybersecurity plan for your medical organization, reach out to our team. As one of the top healthcare cybersecurity companies in Iowa, ProCircular is eager to learn how we can help protect you, your employees and your patients.