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Cybersecurity Incident Response & Digital Forensics For Companies In Minnesota & Iowa

ProCircular is your onsite first-response partner during a cyber incident or outbreak. Headquartered in Iowa and Minnesota and proudly serving leading organizations nationwide, our team of experts will perform triage, determine the impact to your organization, and build a plan of action with your team. We bring the necessary tools and personnel, preserve forensic data for later analysis, and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Following the incident, you’ll receive a detailed after-action report and a set of recommendations to strengthen your security posture and avoid future incidents.  

What Is Cyber Incident Response and Recovery?

When a hacker or attacker gains unauthorized access to an online system or a digital data repository, that is called a cyber incident. Cybersecurity incidents often result in network exposure, data theft and other system vulnerabilities. Incident response involves the policies and procedures your organization uses to identify, mitigate, eliminate and prevent future cyberattacks.

What Is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensic professionals in cybersecurity collect, process and analyze evidence to help determine network vulnerabilities and resolve them. They go deep inside computers, handheld devices and networks to recognize potential threats. Digital forensics also involves documenting information for law enforcement and insurance companies.

How Do You Respond to a Security Incident?

The best cyber incident response is a fast response. By the time an incident is discovered, malicious actors have already obtained access to the network and the data therein. The confusion around what data was accessed, where the breach originated, and the extent to which the attacker has infiltrated the network will make it difficult to move forward with remediation. 

Time is a critical element in any security incident. The longer the attacker is able to remain in the network, the more they can manipulate information and exploit security vulnerabilities. With each moment that passes, there is an increased risk of permanent data loss, damaged company reputation, and exposure of client or employee information. Disaster recovery in cybersecurity can be costly in more than one way. It is important to have the plans and resources available to regain control over your network. 

ProCircular’s Cybersecurity Incident Response Services

Leading organizations in Iowa, Minnesota and across the US have chosen to partner with ProCircular’s incident response and forensic experts in response to an incident. We wouldn’t be doing our due diligence as one of the top cyber incident response companies if we didn’t quickly investigate, detect, assess, contain and attempt to eradicate cybersecurity incidents and breaches before they cause irreparable damage. 

Cybersecurity incident response can be conducted onsite or remotely, depending on the severity of the event. ProCircular’s team has experience handling a variety of incidents, including but not limited to business email compromise, ransomware infections, command-and-control, and unauthorized exposure of sensitive information. 

Our cyber incident response is bolstered by threat intelligence from our security operations center and knowledge from our red team of sophisticated attacks and obfuscation techniques. ProCircular’s incident responders can quickly identify how, when, and where infiltration occurred and the depth of infection. Final reports include tangible recommendations to remediate any identified vulnerabilities that contributed to the incident, as well as best practice recommendations to help mitigate future risk of compromise.

What Do Iowa & Minnesota Businesses Get With ProCircular’s Cybersecurity Incident Response & Digital Forensics?

List Item One

List Item One

Immediate response:

Gain rapid control over a chaotic situation, receive a quick assessment of the severity of the situation, and a plan of action that gets your organization back up and running.

List Item Two

List Item Two

Comprehensive reporting:

A detailed post-engagement report including an executive summary, investigative report and a description of the next steps to avoid future incidents.

List Item Three

List Item Three

Detailed documentation:

Forensics and snapshots to use as evidence with law enforcement and insurance companies. 

What Is a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

Preparation is one of the most critical phases of the incident response lifecycle. The worst time to create and test your incident response plan is during a live incident. Partner with ProCircular’s cybersecurity incident response experts to develop a tailored Incident Response Plan. The plan, developed from NIST standards, includes applicable compliance regulations and results from interviews with client stakeholders. 

This type of assessment prepares your team to take immediate action when an incident is detected. After the plan is created, our experts will customize and facilitate tabletop exercises to simulate real-world cyber attacks, frequently adapted from live incident response investigations, to educate your team and gain familiarity with the entire incident response lifecycle. This plan will include proper communication with internal stakeholders and a plan for involving legal, PRor third-party forensic firms. 

Preparation is a key part of cybersecurity incident response planning, and it can help dramatically reduce the impact of suspected or active breaches.

Protect Your Iowa Or Minnesota Business with ProCircular’s Cybersecurity Incident Response Experts.

Our cybersecurity incident responders handle incidents for various industries in Iowa and Minnesota, ranging from small firms to fortune 100 companies. If you’re in need of a calm voice of reason in the middle of a cybersecurity incident or incident response forensics, our cyber experts are available to you. Contact us online or give our incident responders a call at 844-95-SECUR.