Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises & Incident Response Planning

Cybersecurity incident response planning is a critical part of your organization’s security program. Having a documented, tested, and actionable cyber incident response plan protects the integrity of your business and ensures clarity, stability, and recovery in the event of a breach. 

The Purpose of Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises in Incident Response Planning

When you partner with ProCircular to develop cybersecurity incident response tabletop exercise scenarios, we work with your team to build customized training tools. Cybersecurity tabletop exercises are invaluable tools for educating and informing IT professionals and company leaders about what to do in the event of a cybersecurity incident or data breach. 

What is a cybersecurity incident response tabletop exercise?

Our cybersecurity experts offer incident response tabletop exercises to organizations across Iowa, Minnesota and the entire Midwest. During a tabletop exercise, our security expert will come onsite to connect with your organization’s personnel, especially your IT department and any team members who would be responsible for mitigating and communicating during a cybersecurity incident. 

Your ProCircular resource will guide your team through a hypothetical incident scenario that originates at your helpdesk and escalates to the executive team. We then go over results and observations in an after-action discussion, and we compile a full report of your incident response preparedness.

This exercise is flexible to suit the specific needs and risks of your organization. You are welcome to include as many or few people in this incident response planning tabletop training exercise. 

ProCircular’s Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises

Cyber incidents are almost always chaotic and confusing. You can relieve some of this looming anxiety by proactively developing, documenting, and rehearsing a formal incident response plan. The experts at ProCircular use their specialized experience to guide your team through these essential steps. 

While ProCircular’s incident response and forensics services provide assistance during an actual live incident, our incident response planning & tabletop exercise package is designed to prevent damage in the event of a potential future incident.

What do I get?

Benefit of a Tabletop Exercise from ProCircular 

ProCircular has responded to live incidents in a variety of industries, and we build realistic and challenging cyber security incident response tabletop exercises to help you to find your gaps and vulnerabilities. After working with our team, you will have a tested incident response plan, and you’ll know exactly what to do and who to call if the worst happens. 

We are personable, experienced, and equipped to identify up-to-date challenges that you may not have considered. After a tabletop exercise with ProCircular, our clients feel better prepared to handle real-world cyber attacks.

How do you implement an incident response plan in your organization?

Even if you are building an incident response plan from scratch, your organization may have escalation criteria and departmental response procedures in place for other types of incidents and emergencies. ProCircular’s security specialists have the tools and experience to pull unstructured organizational knowledge into an actionable response plan with detailed steps, policies, and procedures based on each role along the incident response chain.

Working through a tabletop incident exercise will help to identify weak or outdated aspects of your incident response plan. It will also help your entire staff to better understand their roles and responsibilities in the event of an incident. Compared to our security awareness training, this exercise is linked to the organization’s actual response plans and personnel. 

Our team can help you learn how to create an incident response plan that works for your organization. ProCircular’s experts apply their specialized experience to develop an incident response plan or identify gaps in your existing plan. This service combines hands-on planning and customized training to prepare the entire incident response chain for the worst-case scenario. 

Be Proactive About Cybersecurity with ProCircular

Our cybersecurity incident response planning and tabletop package prepares your staff to know where to look, who to contact, and what to do to mitigate damage during a cyber incident.