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ProCircular Managed XDR Services

ProCircular’s Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) is a unified cybersecurity solution that collects security telemetry from email, cloud, servers and workstations, and network devices to prevent, detect, and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks. ProCircular’s specialized threat detection experts combine 24/7/365 eyes-on-glass monitoring with best-of-breed AI/ML-powered technology to detect anomalies and respond quickly to threats across your entire enterprise.

Protect Your Business with Managed Extended Detection and Response Services

We understand that work life can be hectic, with a lot to be done and little time/resources to do it. This can make it hard to keep your eyes peeled on your environment at all times, ensuring it’s staying protected from threats and risky behavior. However, when focus shifts away from network security, even slightly, there becomes less insight into possible attacks and limited expertise and time to respond to them.

It can be difficult to trust and rely solely on one solution to catch and respond to threats, which is why people are at the center of our Managed XDR solution. Yes, we have a top-notch technology stack to manage, detect, and respond to threats, but our dedicated team of threat analysts is behind that technology, looking out for you and your organization’s best interests.

We want you to be confident about your cybersecurity efforts, not lose sleep over them. ProCircular’s MXDR service can put you at ease knowing you have a direct extension of your team who truly has your back.

What Do Businesses Get with ProCircular’s Managed XDR Services?

With ProCircular’s Managed XDR, you’ll receive superior services that few other providers in Minnesota, Iowa or the surrounding regions can offer. Some of the advantages that make us stand out among the competition include the following: 

List Item One

List Item One

Superior expertise:

We’ll assign you an elite team of threat detection experts as a direct extension of your team.

List Item Two

List Item Two

Peace of mind:

You’ll experience demonstrated value through reporting to provide comfort that you are protected.

List Item Three

List Item Three

A proactive strategy:

You’ll receive tailored recommendations for threat remediation by your dedicated analyst. 

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response Services from ProCircular 

When your Minnesota or Iowa business chooses ProCircular’s Managed Extended Detection and Response Services, you’ll experience a comprehensive range of benefits, including:

  • An all-inclusive package: Our service is an all-inclusive approach for maximum protection and faster response times. ProCircular offers a complete XDR package — endpoint, network, cloud, and user behavior monitoring. 
  • Real relationships: A team of security analysts dedicated to knowing and building a relationship with each organization.
  • A security-driven data lake architecture: ProCircular uses a security data lake architecture to minimize storage costs, maximize your ability to store security events and accelerate search and hunting capabilities, reducing threat actor dwell time within your network. 
  • Easy integration: Our API-first architecture includes nearly 300 native integrations and allows our team to monitor your preferred security tools.
  • Advanced methodology: Attacker-driven detection methodology with ProCircular’s Red Team and detection engineers reflects your current threat landscapes to identify visibility gaps best.
  • Rapid reaction times: We immediately engage our dedicated incident response experts with the included incident response retainer. 
  • Ransomware Rollback: Timely restoration of your encrypted files with our Ransomware Rollback feature. 
  • Continuous protection: 24/7 endpoint protection, even if agents are disconnected, or your Internet is down.

Looking For Managed XDR (MXDR) Companies in Minnesota & Iowa? Talk To A ProCircular Cybersecurity Expert.

At ProCircular, we help businesses build and transform security measures by leveraging innovative technology with years of experience. Our Managed XDR service can help your organization evolve from alert-based threat response to proactive threat response, keeping your most important assets protected. 

Contact our experts at ProCircular to discuss our Managed XDR process and work with a real team of experts that you can trust.