Aaron Heikkila

Senior Security Engineer / Lead Incident Responder

Aaron Warner

Chief Executive Office

Alex McCaslin


Andrew Chipman

Cybersecurity Audit & GRC Analyst

Bill Thomas

Security Engineer

Brad Ammerman

Manager of Offensive Cyber Operations

Brandon Blankenship

Cybersecurity, IT Auditor

Brandon Potter

Chief Technology Officer

Bryan Prather-Huff

Cybersecurity Systems Architect

Corey Schatz

Director of Operations & Execution

Dawson Medin

Security Engineer II

Erin Eike

Cybersecurity Champion & Relationship Rockstar

Erynn DeRycke

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Jarrod Thompson

Defensive Security Engineer I

Joshua Resch

Manager of Defensive Cyber Operations

Lindy Trout

Creative Technical Writer

Madison Hasken

Program Manager & Lead Trainer

Michael Hoffman

Project Manager

Mike Hedlund

Security Engineer

Mikki Trevitt

Office Manager

Patrick Quinn

Director of Sales and Marketing

Reid Schroder

Sales Executive

RJ Hammel

Sales/Cybersecurity Consultant

Scott Taft

Security Engineer

Ty Hollins

Chief Information Security Officer