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Healthcare Industry

Real-Life Cybersecurity Stories from VGM Members

How do you know when it’s time to improve your organization’s cybersecurity? What changes should you make to better secure your data? For home medical equipment providers, there are many factors that can prompt action — and many different ways you can improve your security posture. 

Here, three VGM members share their stories with you about when, why, and how they decided to invest in cybersecurity — and the changes they’ve seen as a result. 

URS Medical Takes a Proactive Approach to Security 

After seeing cybersecurity in the news more often, it hit home for Waco, Texas-based URS Medical that protecting patient data was becoming more important. “With an understanding of how much patient information we have, we didn’t want to risk it  — for the sake of the patients and for the sake of our company,” says Colton Glaser, director of operations at URS Medical. “We want to be proactive instead of reactive.”

Travis Medical Tackles High-Priority Cybersecurity Initiatives 

In business for more than 30 years, the word “cybersecurity” and the acronym “HIPAA” didn’t even exist when Austin, Texas-based Travis Medical Sales Corp. was formed. Regardless, the company felt confident that it met the requirements associated with protecting patient information.  “Being early adopters of modern technologies, we have always been diligent about making sure stop gaps and protections were in place,” says Jamy Conrad, human resources and payroll manager at Travis Medical.

CarePro Closes Security Gaps

After joining the CarePro team in 2017, one of the first things Brent Bormann, CFO at Cedar Rapids, IA-based CarePro Health Services, did was attend the Corridor Business Journal’s Cyber Security Breakfast to learn about new cybersecurity trends and threats. After listening to ProCircular discuss cybersecurity risks at this event, Bormann and his team began to think about their own cybersecurity challenges. They wanted to make sure CarePro’s IT team was ready to face these risks, and that they had the information they needed to improve security posture.

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