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Survey of Cybersecurity Solutions 2023: A Look Into the Security Tools Used by Industry Experts

As leaders in cybersecurity, ProCircular works side-by-side with organizations to provide them with the confidence, information, and tools necessary to manage cybersecurity risk. To fully understand cybersecurity risk, regulatory requirements, and how best to address them, is to have a comprehensive understanding of how other organizations are addressing risk in their own organizations. This white paper represents ProCircular’s research into how existing customers are addressing cybersecurity risk. This year, we received feedback from 59 organizations representing various industries. We hope you find this information helpful in strengthening your cybersecurity initiatives and programs, and we share this knowledge in hopes of assisting all organizations be more resilient against a shared adversary.

Client Industries

ProCircular surveyed 59 organizations across an array of industries, primarily education, healthcare, and finance.

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