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The Attack Path is Paved with Good Intentions: How Cybersecurity Solutions Create Vulnerabilities

New talent, technologies, and lucrative targets have led to a recent surge in the cybercrime industry. Skilled criminals are experts at navigating through data to find or create value; and our international dependence on virtual sharing and cloud storage inevitably leaves low-hanging fruit for them to find in the wild. Businesses must be aware of their cyber risks, and security firms are available to help….

Choosing the Right Penetration Tester

During a penetration test, an ethical hacker is granted legal permission to attack your environment and tasked with finding every way to exploit it. The most thorough penetration tests approach the network from several different perspectives, like a malicious insider, a misguided vendor, or a truly foreign attacker. They use methods like password-spraying, phishing attacks, and input validation exploitation to identify possible entrances for malicious actors….

Getting the Most from Penetration Testing

The penetration test process is not complete at the end of the report delivery meeting. That report will act as a guide to remediating the gaps that were discovered during the assessment. Sometimes, remediation requires a simple patch or update. Other times, a vulnerability may require continuous monitoring or isolating a system from the rest of the network. Occasionally, the cost of remediating a vulnerability is higher than the risk of leaving it, so that risk is accepted and incorporated into future risk management planning….

Maximize the Value of Security Controls

In 2020, the previous records for highest ransom demand and highest-known ransom paid were both doubled at $30M and $10M, respectively. The cost of ignoring cybersecurity grows higher each day, and businesses are aware. The cybersecurity industry has seen massive growth over the past decade, and new companies are vying for a piece of the pie. It is important for vulnerable organizations to understand exactly how each security measure they implement protects their data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Otherwise, they could be losing money by underutilizing tools or risking exposure by leaving blind spots in the defensive strategy….

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