Aaron’s Bio

Honed intuition is what makes Aaron Heikkila an expert in Incident Response. With broad experience across the many domains of IT, Heikkila has an uncanny knack for discovering network weaknesses and quickly determining what the “bad guys” have been up to. From that expertise, he has evolved ProCircular’s IR program to a new level of guardianship. At the information nexus of a breach, Heikkila harkens to a network’s “computer whispers” to build a greater picture of what is happening. Clients can be confident; he will get to the bottom of things. 

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Leading IR investigations to identify, contain, and remedy attacker activity 
  • Identifying novel data sources and techniques to enhance detection capabilities 
  • Evolving forensics methods using ATT&CK matrix and other OSINT 
  • Developing custom tools to integrate with enterprise systems 
  • Collaborating with multiple security-stakeholder departments within and organization to improve security posture 
  • Process and tool development using Agile techniques