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Aaron’s Bio

Aaron Warner believes that people, their talents, and relationships are the path to success in all things. As he learned in his 22 years as CIO and CTO of biotech leader Integrated DNA Technologies, how we treat others—customers, employees, even strangers—reflects on who we are and what we can accomplish together. Aaron formed ProCircular to promote this philosophy in the world of cybersecurity. 

Backed by Mr. Warner’s experience and a top-shelf team of carefully selected cybersecurity talent, ProCircular now prepares and protects organizations from the ever-changing landscape of hackers, compliance risks, and data breaches. Through its dedication to each client, and the belief that their people are the real key to effective information security, ProCircular is raising the bar on what to expect from your security provider. Every engagement is actionable, and the quality is as high as what he would have expected himself as a CIO.  

Mr. Warner’s decades of global IT and cybersecurity expertise, an MBA from the University of Iowa and numerous cybersecurity certifications underline the organization’s commitment to aligning cybersecurity, compliance and their clients’ company strategy. He collaborates frequently with FBI, Homeland Security, and other federal organizations, and chairs the public policy and legislative committee for the Technology Association of Iowa.   

In his free time, Aaron enjoys scuba diving, playing music with friends, and learning from his kids. He’s the proud father of Irish twins and shares the best parts of life with his wife and best friend Heather.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Up-to-the-minute cybersecurity threats
  • “Dark web” and trends in hacker culture
  • Mid-market incident response
  • Examining risk from the business and technical perspective  

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