Brad’s Bio

 When it comes to ProCircular’s “Red Team” operations, Bradley Ammerman is leading the charge. He has taken great pride in assembling an expert team of top-notch cyber engineers who will stop at nothing to comprehensively probe and test an organization’s security posture. As a former US Army combat medic, Ammerman feels compelled to use his skills to help others and keep them safe. By applying his diverse experience in technical security analysis, cyber intelligence, and vulnerability assessments, he has carved a niche that allows him and his exemplary team to fake “being bad” in order to do some good. 

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Conducting internal and external network/physical/wireless penetration tests 
  • Using social engineering techniques to obtain sensitive client information and network/physical access 
  • Safely exploiting vulnerabilities to identify specific, business-based client risks 
  • Assessing organizational system and data vulnerabilities including PCI, BC/DR, and cloud security 
  • Incident response and reverse engineering malware 
  • Leading security engineers in comprehensive “Red Team” engagements 
  • Educating and instructing students and audiences on penetration testing, malware, and cyberdefense