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Bradley’s Bio

Bradley Greer, SOC Analyst I at ProCircular, brings a professional approach to cybersecurity, fueled by a passion for problem-solving and a touch of digital wizardry. With a perfect workday defined by mental challenges conquered, tasks that brighten others’ days, and continuous knowledge acquisition, Bradley thrives in the heart of cybersecurity operations, drawn to the SOC as the epicenter of cyber defense. 

Bradley relishes the opportunity to delve deep into the intricate workings of cyber operations, enriching his understanding and expertise with each engagement. Armed with a CompTIA Security+ Certification and a track record of success in cyber competitions, Bradley’s experience as a digital investigator and automation engineer uniquely positions him to bring invaluable insights to the team and our clients. Outside the realm of cybersecurity, Bradley can be found honing his Capture the Flag competition skills and embracing the hyper-focused pursuit of problem-solving.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Analysis of Computer Artifacts
  • Delivering cybersecurity awareness
  • Monitoring and analysis of security events and logs
  • Teamwork/Collaboration