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Brandon’s Bio

Brandon Blankenship applies his long background in data management and policymaking to assess clients’ external security posture. He performs methodical analyses, prioritizing business risks using a matrix of likelihood and impact, and delivers findings in a customized executive report, tailored to align with the organization’s business strategy.

Equally experienced in compliance, Blankenship also audits against respected industry standards such as DFARS and HIPAA. His careful eye and broad knowledge-base serve to ensure that client organizations maintain the strictest levels of compliance with cybersecurity’s ever-maturing regulatory environment.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Investigating and analyzing organizational security posture
  • Conducting regulatory compliance audits
  • Cybersecurity risk analysis and prioritization
  • Rapid troubleshooting of complex or cascading issues
  • Adapting policies and procedures to mitigate new issues
  • Effectively training employees to actively engage in safeguard management 

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