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Brandon’s Bio

It is through his personable approach and robust commitment to quality that Brandon Potter forges the client relationship.

Regarding cybersecurity as a partnership, Potter believes each client’s specific challenges can only be met by first connecting on a personal level and then working together toward a mutually-developed goal. He identifies with the struggles of both executives and IT administrators and speaks the right language when communicating with either—or both.

Potter leads an expert suite of cybersecurity engineers, assembling as red, blue, or purple teams to rigorously test the limits of an organization’s security from both inside and out. He fosters continuous improvement in both his team and his security approach, developing each with multiple layers that complement and support one another.

Ever-honing his skills, Potter aggressively tracks cybersecurity practices and emerging threat technologies to better serve his clients and provide them with durable, reasonable security plans and service of unmatched quality.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Deep penetration testing and red team operations
  • Developing client-specific security programs to educate personnel and reduce risk
  • Connecting and communicating effectively with professionals through personal connection
  • Managing and leading incident response investigations
  • Constructing Information Security/Incident Response Plans and Policies
  • Infrastructure design for penetration testing, incident response, and daily access
  • Establishing and effectively disseminating security best practices to personnel
  • Analyzing and mitigating financial services cybersecurity risks
  • Regulatory compliance and industry standard frameworks
  • Budget, vendor, and client relationship management 

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