Bryan’s Bio

Bryan Prather-Huff lives at the intersection of technology and problem-solving. With a deep background in computer science, mathematics, and academic research, and prior roles as a systems administrator and software developer, given an IT problem, Prather-Huff lives to figure out how things work, and then make them work even better.

Feeling right at home on red, blue, or purple teams, Prather-Huff brings sound analysis and practical precision to every system he strengthens. ProCircular’s clients can be assured, if their systems have been tested by Prather-Huff’s qualified and careful mind, they’re prepared for real-world attempts at incursion.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Leading cyber-investigations on client organizations
  • Performing thorough penetration tests both internally and externally
  • Developing experimental platforms using IEEE 802.15.4 low power devices to record data
  • Developing systems using industry-grade frameworks like Contiki and TI RIOS
  • Working with engineers and IT staff to develop robust testing plans
  • Helping people understand complex problems and guiding them to realistic solutions
  • Developing hardware solutions on-the-fly to mitigate unforeseen problems
  • SIEM (Security Implementation & Event Management) Expertise
  • Systems Administration

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