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Corey’s Bio

Accomplished in a diverse blend of leadership, project management, and technology roles, Corey Schatz ensures clients accurately assess their cybersecurity risks and meet compliance obligations with integrity and foresight. His legal background helps decipher the intricacies of regulatory language so teams can learn and digest them through his succinct communication and approachable training style.

With more than 12 years’ experience in IT project management, Schatz maintains visibility of an entire team and understands the obstacles and challenges for all members. Technical jargon and the intricacies of software and hardware systems are his home turf. He is deliberate and methodical in creating attainable steps toward a common goal and excels at keeping teams objective, cooperative, and accountable to the project and each other.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Methodically assessing risk and regulatory obligations for a host of industries, organizations, and governmental bodies
  • Establishing real expectations and meeting them through practical, attainable means
  • Guiding and unifying teams to work toward a common goal
  • Deciphering complex regulatory language and presenting it in an engaging, effective manner
  • Developing and implementing project plans for a wide variety of teams and projects
  • Presenting for comprehension and retention to groups both small and large with confidence and approachability