Dawson’s Bio

Educating and defending people are why Dawson Medin is passionate about cybersecurity. By thinking like a hacker, and legally acting as one, he uses his lifelong interests in computers and internet technology to inform and protect others from the real and growing threats in the online world. 

Medin applies a systematic approach to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a client’s systems, gaining unauthorized access to data and applications. He then reports his methods, findings, and any retrieved data, offering recommendations on how to mitigate any vulnerabilities to prevent incursion from real-world hacking threats. 

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Using internet and network architecture to gain access to data and systems of client organizations 
  • Analyzing and reporting on vulnerabilities and exposed data that could be exploited by malicious hackers 
  • Formulating robust security improvement measures to reduce incursions and limit access to an organization’s most sensitive data 
  • Educating client staff, both technical and non-technical, on real-world threats and how to play an active role in organizational cybersecurity 

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