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Drew’s Bio

Drew, ProCircular’s Client Success Manager, is a fast learner who takes every chance to expand his professional versatility and breadth of knowledge. With existing and prospective clients, Drew demonstrates Strong Opinions Lightly Held by growing his understanding of the issues while also relying on input from ProCirucular’s wealth of subject matter experts. He understands and appreciates that our work has an element of danger – there are real and significant threats we can help to mitigate. Working alongside some of the industry’s top offensive and defensive cybersecurity engineers, he takes daily opportunities to learn about emerging cyber threats and solutions. Along with his growing technical acumen, Drew emphasizes trust as an essential pillar of cybersecurity. His clients depend on him for dependable support and informed recommendations, and he takes that responsibility quite seriously. In his free time, Drew enjoys music festivals, long drives with his fiancé, and exercising his competitive spirit with tabletop and video games! 

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Logistics
  • Web and Front-end Development
  • B2B Sales
  • Morale Booster