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Hailey’s Bio

Trust is the foundation of every client relationship and Hailey Heman is committed to establishing and nurturing it from the very start. An apt “Chaos Coordinator,” Heman applies her honed organizational and communication skills to keep projects on track and clients solidly informed about their progress. She is motivated daily by ProCircular’s inspiring core values and the knowledge that her input is both heard and valued by her colleagues. And at the end of every project, Heman finds satisfaction knowing ProCircular has helped that client be safer and feel more confident in their cybersecurity posture.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Managing client engagement projects from inception to completion
  • Assessing and implementing improved internal processes for organizational efficiency and clarity
  • Communicating with clients promptly and effectively throughout the project process
  • Assembling and verifying data for project reports and compliance documentation
  • Educating audiences of varying sizes on cybersecurity policies and best practices