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Jackson’s Bio

Like many hackers, Jackson’s passion for cybersecurity stems from a love of breaking things. As a Cybersecurity Associate, he has learned myriad ways to bring down a network and just as many ways to keep one secure. He relies on this deep and growing knowledge of cyber attack vectors and solutions to fortify networks against real criminals looking for easy payouts. ProCircular’s success in discovering and defending against cutting-edge threats is due largely to our engineers’ Strong Opinions Lightly Held. Keeping his mind open to new ideas and information helps him problem-solve and collaborate easily with other experts. There’s more than one way to feed a cat, and Jackson wants to have as many tactics as possible to get the job done right. He researches novel attack vectors as he encounters them in the wild to understand both the technical intricacies and the high-level impact on today’s greater cyber landscape. Outside of work, Jackson competes in hacking challenges, keeps up with TV, and enjoys tabletop and video gaming. 

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Offensive Cyber Operations 
  • IT Maintenance and Support 
  • SIEM Management – AlienVault