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Jeremy’s Bio

Jeremy Murphy boasts a unique blend of technical expertise and client-focused solutions in his role as GRC Analyst with ProCircular. As a former Client Success Program Manager, Jeremy seamlessly integrates his proficiency in risk management with his exceptional rapport-building skills, making him the quintessential client advocate. 

Jeremy’s holistic approach ensures unparalleled continuity and unwavering confidence throughout every stage of a client engagement. Jeremy’s remarkable ability to establish what he terms “respective connectivity” makes him an adaptable communicator, enabling him to bridge the gap between diverse team perspectives. He navigates effortlessly between technical and non-technical personnel, fostering a seamless exchange of insights and ideas. 

Jeremy’s commitment to being a reliable pillar in times of crisis is a testament to his use of agile thinking and proficiency in iterative assessment. He thrives on being the reliable go-to resource for clients seeking guidance during challenging situations. By leveraging his comprehensive knowledge and strategic mindset, Jeremy empowers his customers to extract maximum value from their ProCircular experience. 

Once his client duties are satisfied, Jeremy absorbs himself in his lifelong enthusiasm working on motor vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and stroke lengths, and balances it out spending ample time with his loving family. 

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison