Jody’s Bio

To create strong client relationships, Jody Ochs is passionate about listening to a customer’s needs. She lives to be the person that is counted on to get things done, and only with thorough understanding of each client’s situation and requirements she can deliver. Ochs was drawn to Cybersecurity by its pervasive importance and the excitement of joining ProCircular’s success in this rising industry. Serving as the calibrated linkage between her clients and her technical colleagues, Ochs is dedicated to keep each engagement on track and on time.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Developing strong relationships with complex client teams and individual subject matter experts
  • Managing client engagement projects from inception to completion
  • Communicating with clients promptly and effectively throughout the project process
  • Absorbing compliance requirements and adapting processes and documentation accordingly
  • Froming real-world solutions to complex problems through collaboration, communication, and practical hands-on knowledge