Joshua’s Bio

From supporting tactical telecommunications in the US Army, to implementing SOC systems and plans for civilian organizations, Joshua Resch understands the importance of cybersecurity in critical operations. He employs his acumen in security monitoring and threat mitigation to protect SIEM clients and keep their systems running smoothly. 

Resch manages ProCircular’s Security Operations Center (SOC) and “blue team” of engineers, working to detect and analyze active cyber threats to client systems and data. By helping organizations develop and deploy security tools to manage vulnerabilities and identify bad actors, Resch fulfills an inherent need to use his expertise to “take care of others” (as if also being a firefighter and EMT were not enough). 

With Resch’s impressive credentials and seasoned experience, SIEM clients can rest easy knowing he is on their side. 

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Safeguarding assets and minimizing threats in cybersecurity and telecommunications 
  • Managing and coordinating SOC teams to carefully monitor critical systems for security threats 
  • Formulating comprehensive cybersecurity plans to protect information assets 
  • Discovering, analyzing, and eliminating cybersecurity threats 
  • Designing and deploying policies and procedures for incident response and vulnerability management 
  • Fostering strong, communicative relationships with clients and colleagues alike 
  • Maintaining calm, order, and excellence during high-stakes, mission critical operations