Kevin’s Bio

It is the dynamic challenges of cybersecurity that keep Kevin Wolfe engaged and committed. As the landscape of threats, tools, skills, and knowledge constantly evolves, Wolfe remains dedicated and steadfast in pursuit of it all. Ever-empowered by the expertise and camaraderie of his colleagues and peers in the cybersecurity community, Wolfe celebrates the additive effect of so many great minds working together for a common, noble cause.

From installation to data reporting to threat monitoring and investigation, Wolfe has direct experience throughout the entire client project process. He excels at troubleshooting (on-site and off), designing and documenting processes for both compliance and usability, and his experience in software engineering allows him to quickly adapt tools to fit different clients and use cases.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Cybersecurity installation, configuration, monitoring, and alert investigation
  • Constructing user analysis interfaces for data visualization and reporting
  • SOC process design and documentation
  • Infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Educating clients on best security practices 

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