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Makiza’s Bio

ProCircular’s Security Operations Center (SOC) Defensive Operations monitors and protects our SIEM and MXDR clients against cybersecurity threats. Makiza and his team of analysts and engineers deploy and tune personalized, resilient defense programs to reduce the risk of data theft or malicious destruction. A seasoned security expert in the public and private spheres, he credits his robust military experience as the spark that ignited his passion for strategic defense and thwarting would-be attackers. Makiza encourages his team to maintain Cool Heads and Warm Hearts to deliver security programs that combine the most effective and cutting-edge tech with uniquely tailored customizations. Makiza spends his weekends on various trails mountain bike riding and his greatest passion is to serve his Family.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • IT Security Administration
  • SOC Program Development
  •  BIA and IR management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Anomaly detection\Threat Intelligence