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Micah’s Bio

When an organization is ready to start strengthening its security posture, ProCircular knows that fear is the mind-killer. It’s not uncommon for penetration tests, especially initial assessments, to reveal an overwhelming number of vulnerabilities in your environment. It can sometimes seem like you’ve created more problems than solutions. ProCircular’s Micah Kryzer has the security expertise to help you prioritize those vulnerabilities and create a clear path toward remediation. Micah has a wealth of experience on the blue team (the defensive side) of cybersecurity, protecting networks from external threats. He brings this experience to every red team (offensive cybersecurity) engagement and uses it to present actionable solutions the IT Team will be able to implement realistically. When he’s not busy with security engagements, Micah is busy developing new skills like hobby farming, blacksmithing, mountain biking, or just relaxing with his family. 

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Monitoring Security events and determining next steps
  • Investigating/deciphering malware
  • Implementing false-positive tools
  • Automating workflows
  • Active Threat Hunting