Mikki’s Bio

Happiness and harmony—that’s Mikki Trevitt’s daily goal. As ProCircular’s office manager, Trevitt spends her busy days keeping the office running smoothly, ensuring an ample supply of toner and homemade treats, maintaining intra-office communication, and cultivating the company’s unique and inspiring culture. 

Trevitt also serves as Executive Assistant to ProCircular’s leadership team, maintaining C-level schedules and keeping their days on track. Between her attentive ear, empathic heart, team spirit, organizational acumen, and heralded baking, it’s no wonder Trevitt is lovingly referred to as ProCircular’s “Office Mom.”

When she’s not “herding cats,” Mikki loves reading, taking photographs of her family and nature, refurbishing and repurposing furniture in her workshop, and changing her hair color whenever it suits her.