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Sam’s Bio

Sam has a knack for simplifying complex topics and creating paths to deeper understanding. He’s been applying these skills in education for over two decades. This experience, paired with substantial knowledge of cybersecurity, allows him to take a “people-first” approach to improving a client’s security posture. He thrives as a conduit between a business’s high-level goals and the technologies needed to generate those positive outcomes and buy-in from diverse stakeholders. RESPECT is one of ProCircular’s core values, and Sam embraces it by meeting people where they are. He enjoys bringing out the best in others no matter where they are in their security journey.  

Breaking security concepts into digestible pieces can turn end-users from security liabilities into assets. Moreover, Sam believes cybersecurity education can be life-changing for those starting a future in this industry. He has invested in the next generation by developing a high school cybersecurity program, a technology apprenticeship program, and Iowa’s first middle and high school cybersecurity convention. He is driven by innovative ideas, experiential learning, and elevating his community. For fun, he enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, playing music, and playing games with his family! 

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Developing cybersecurity curriculums for high school and college students 
  • Managing internet technologies and cybersecurity for widespread organizations 
  • Orchestrating large-scale events/conventions 
  • Risk management framework