Scott’s Bio

Knowing how vital cybersecurity is to a successful business, Scott Taft is continually honing his skills to represent the latest incursion methods and technologies. He is well-versed in election security and ensuring system stability. His understanding of network design, configuration, administration, and of switching and routing protocols helps him examine penetration test findings with a full scope.

Taft documents and reports test results and findings from ProCircular’s simulated attack campaigns. Personably presenting and discussing vulnerabilities, risks, and viable remedies with each client to ensure their complete understanding.

Proven Core Proficiencies

  • Performing robust system and network penetration tests using MetaSploit, nMap, Wireshark, openVas, and Kali Linux
  • Design and management of Microsoft Windows Active Directory
  • Cisco iOS configuration and maintenance
  • Election security
  • Rapid troubleshooting of network and system issues
  • Thoroughly documenting findings, issues, and remedies for later reference
  • Communicating effectively and personably to ensure comprehension and client satisfaction 

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