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Purple Team Assessment Services in Minnesota and Iowa

A Purple Team Assessment enhances your security posture by merging ProCircular’s adversary-focused Red Team with the Blue Team’s defensive knowledge. Working hand-in-hand with your organization, ProCircular will emulate an attacker’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework to evaluate your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to security threats.

What Is a Purple Team Assessment?

A Purple Team Assessment offers the best of both worlds, combining offense and defense into one collaborative model where ProCircular’s offensive Red Team, defensive Blue Team, and your organization will work together to simulate an attack.

Our ethical hackers on the Red Team work “against” you with penetration testing that simulates an attack and assesses your network monitoring capabilities, while the Blue Team assists in your defense strategies. These teams use data from your most recent penetration test to create simulations tailored to your risk posture. While penetration testing is an excellent way to evaluate your security, the Blue Team’s addition allows you to learn more about defense tactics. Purple Team security assessments provide wide-reaching insights.

ProCircular’s Purple Team Assessments

A Purple Team Assessment consists of multiple simulations that run in an iterative manner. Our ethical hackers determine the proper TTPs based on your most recent penetration test, the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, the current threat landscape, and other simulated attacks observed by our Incident Response Team.

Before the assessment begins, the Red and Blue Teams will discuss the expected outcome of each test and provide you with the necessary systems required to execute the attack simulations.

The Red and Blue Teams will interact with your team during the following steps:

  • Information gathering and preparation meeting: The Red and Blue teams will meet with you to determine specific TTPs, focus areas, and any preparation needed to ensure engagement success.
  • Red Team overview during initial simulation: The Red Team deploys the agreed-upon TTPs while your SOC Team observes the attack and determines its detection status. The Red Team also logs attacker information and collaborates with you to determine the successes and failures of each test.
  • Blue Team overview during initial simulation: Our security experts work alongside your SOC Team to validate detections made during attack simulations and recommend ways to increase visibility for security threats that weren’t detected. Your SOC team and our Blue Team will log evidence of proper detections from these attack simulations.
  • Reflection phase: Between each simulation, ProCircular meets with you to discuss engagement successes and ways to increase your security posture. This reflection phase allows for multiple improvements before the engagement’s end.
  • Launch ofnew simulated attack: After discussing improvements, the Red Team initiates another simulated attack based on new or recurring vulnerabilities and requirements.
  • Purple Team assessment report: After all simulations are complete, ProCircular creates a report that outlines the testing approach, results, and remaining recommendations from running the simulations. This report is presented clearly and formatted for senior management and technical staff.

With a completed Purple Team security assessment, you can take action with direct insights and suggestions. We offer a range of other services to help here, too. ProCircular can conduct Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) services for 24/7 support, train your team in security awareness, and help ensure cybersecurity compliance.

What Do Iowa and Minnesota Businesses Get With ProCircular’s Purple Team Assessment?

List Item One

List Item One

Purple Team Assessment report: A document summarizing the scope, testing approach, results of each iterative test, and any recommendations suitable for both senior management and technical staff.

List Item Two

List Item Two

Security improvements: Security posture improvements that are active in your production environment immediately following the assessment.

List Item Three

List Item Three

Lessons Learned Debrief: A one-hour meeting with client stakeholders to discuss engagement successes and increases in security posture.

Protect Your Business With ProCircular’s Purple Team Assessment

A Purple Team Assessment is an excellent way for cyber-mature organizations to retest and improve their growing security posture. This service can help improve your organization’s vulnerability detection and help build a layered, resilient defense system. Learn more about Purple Team Assessments in Minnesota and Iowa by contacting the experts at ProCircular, calling us at 844-95-SECUR, or emailing us at!