ProCircular’s ReadySecure Solution: Subscription-Based Cybersecurity

A little bit of cybersecurity planning goes a long way. Safeguard against your greatest security risks with a single, inexpensive subscription from ProCircular. This partnership does not require a large upfront investment, and there are no hidden fees down the road. ReadySecure™ Essentials effectively protects your valuable information, so you can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on important technology initiatives within your organization.

What is subscription-based cybersecurity and why is it an important part of cybersecurity planning?

Subscription based cybersecurity options provide a way to protect your organization’s digital assets on an ongoing basis. Cybersecurity incidents such as data breaches and malware outbreaks can occur at any time. Partnering with an Iowa cybersecurity consulting company like ProCircular provides peace of mind. When you choose a subscription based cybersecurity plan, you’re subscribing to assurance that your organization is protected from cyber threats.

The subscription model combines testing and planning services to address immediate concerns while also allowing you to develop your overall security posture over time. Instead of a large, one-time investment, subscription based cybersecurity planning spreads your investment out over time.

ProCircular ReadySecure Cybersecurity Subscription for Businesses

With a ReadySecure membership, ProCircular will be your partner, helping you expose cybersecurity risks, remediate them, and ensure security from both a technical and procedural perspective. ReadySecure combines large-scale evaluation with regular checks to keep your business safe and plan for a secure future.

In your quarterly vulnerability assessment reports, our certified ethical hackers will provide a list of current security gaps and recommendations for vulnerability remediation. Our risk and compliance experts will connect with your team annually to conduct a full cybersecurity risk assessment to find weak points in your organization’s security posture, as well as provide consultation for your incident response planning. Finally, ProCircular will provide your team with a full library of best practice recommendations to fend off the most pressing threats in your industry.

In summary, our ReadySecure solution provides your organization with critical items to protect your valuable information and insights regarding your technology infrastructure. This includes:  

What do I get?

What is a risk assessment checklist?

Our experts and ethical hackers use a number of cybersecurity risk assessment checklist items and digital best practices when they survey your organization’s networks and security systems. We’re thorough, leaving no stone unturned as we search for vulnerabilities and provide insights for remediation. Our goal is to help you analyze and fortify your systems so that malicious actors are unable to exploit weak spots and access sensitive information.

What are the components of a cybersecurity policy library?

When you sign up for ReadySecurity subscription based cybersecurity services, ProCircular will provide access to our collection of industry best practice policies, including, but not limited to:

  • Overall security policy 
  • Privacy policy 
  • Mobile device policy 
  • Acceptable use policy 
  • Hardware and software security 
  • Incident response checklist 
  • Account monitoring  
  • Vulnerability scanning 
  • Patch management policy 

You can use these resources to learn more about cybersecurity planning best practices and fortify your organization’s security practices.

Cybersecurity Subscription Solutions with ProCircular

Not all cybersecurity consulting companies provide the same level of expertise and service. We’re the best in our field, and our ReadySecure subscription provides the expert guidance and insights you need to develop a strong security posture.