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Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees

The most frequent cybersecurity threats to organizations are the people who work for them. Hackers know that they can exploit an employee’s willingness to help, lack of technical skill, and their workload. ProCircular’s training starts and ends with people and enables your greatest weakness to become your greatest defensive asset. 

What is cybersecurity awareness training?

Cybersecurity awareness training involves a number of different tactics and techniques, all designed to help participants understand cybersecurity risks and avoid behaviors that could compromise the integrity of your organization’s cybersecurity systems.

Why is cybersecurity training important?

Data breaches and cyber attacks can be costly. When you’re vulnerable to cyber attacks, you’re risking your organizational reputation and your bottom line. Your employees are your first line of defense against cyber threats. Training employees on cybersecurity best practices results in greater data protection, more secure processes for you and your team, and overall increased peace of mind.

How do I train my employees for cybersecurity awareness?

The best way to approach training employees on cybersecurity is to enable hands-on experience with different cyber topics and best practices. ProCircular’s security awareness training is not just a dry PowerPoint presentation. It is an interactive workshop that includes live hacking demos, role-playing, discussion, and real-world examples.

Our cybersecurity awareness training for employees is the best way to evaluate and remediate vulnerabilities caused by human error. People leave our training not only educated but excited to exercise their knowledge and help prevent cyber threats from infiltrating their organization.

ProCircular’s Cybersecurity Training for Employees

ProCircular offers a variety of training options to suit the needs of your business and staff. These options cover a variety of cybersecurity topics, including phishing awareness training, password management and more.

  • Our standard end-user security awareness training includes a 1-1.5 hour onsite presentation to introduce the concepts of phishing, password management, and which threats exist in your industry. This package also includes two staff-wide phishing campaigns and security questionnaires to evaluate end-user security before and after the training. 
  • ProCircular’s escape room security awareness training is a fun and interactive challenge to educate your employees about security best practices, phishing, password management, and data classification. After a short security presentation, the participants will form groups and work together to apply their security knowledge and solve the multi-layer puzzle.

What do I get?

List Item One

List Item One

Employees will be able to defend the organization against hackers

List Item Two

List Item Two

A more secure organization and tighter cybersecurity 

List Item Three

List Item Three

Written report of the findings from our phishing attempts and improvement

What should security awareness training include?

Training topics align with industry best practices and are customized to suit the client’s greatest areas of need. These topics might include: 

  • General cybersecurity awareness 
  • Phishing awareness training
  • Identifying sensitive information 
  • Defending against social engineering – the right to say ‘no’ to hackers 
  • Password management
  • Personal security best practices

Increasing user awareness in any of these areas will greatly decrease the risk of insecure exposure due to social engineering or human error. 

Our Security Awareness Training Process

  1. First, we will have a project kick-off meeting to connect and confirm the project’s scope and schedule. 
  2. Before the onsite training date, our engineers run a phishing campaign against a list of users provided by the client. This slightly fishy-looking email will prompt users to click a link or provide their credentials.
  3. During the presentation, we will come onsite to deliver the results from that initial phishing campaign and train your staff to become a defensive wall between sensitive data and potential attackers. 
  4. After the onsite training, ProCircular runs a follow-up phishing campaign and combines all the data into a report of your pre-training and post-training user security status. 

ProCircular’s security awareness training is a hands-on process from the customized phishing email to the interactive training activities. You provide the staff, and one of ProCircular’s security training professionals will arrive on a training day with all the necessary materials for your customized cybersecurity awareness training.

Protect Your Employees and Your Business with ProCircular

The first way to prevent the real-world threats from compromising your organizational infrastructure is through testing and training. ProCircular’s hands-on approach to cybersecurity training for employees will fortify the human element of your security program.