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SIEM For Companies in Minnesota and Iowa

A successful security program starts with a security information and event management (SIEM) system that aligns with your organization’s needs, technical requirements, compliance guidelines, and budget. This system collects data from security logs across your organization and feeds it into analyses, alerts, and reports.

ProCircular has partnered with AlienVault to offer a dynamic, fully customizable SIEM solution. Our Iowa-based team of engineers implements and configures SIEM solutions for companies across the Midwest. We’ll connect your business with the base functionality of AlienVault’s SIEM system, along with data correlations, security dashboards, alerts, and a threat intelligence data feed. For ongoing support, we also offer managed SIEM services.

What Is a Security Information and Event Management System?

A security information and event management system uses software solutions and IT expertise to deliver insights and alerts about your network systems, security software, and virtually all digital devices within your company. SIEM systems also store data in a centralized location for analyzing patterns and cataloging historical system information. Its wide-reaching capabilities span threat prevention, compliance, automation, and incident forensics, among other areas of cybersecurity.

When you partner with ProCircular for a customized SIEM system, our experts will configure and implement the system. Then, we’ll provide managed security services to monitor and maintain the environment based on your needs. Proactive threat detection is a cornerstone of any good security program.

ProCircular’s security information and event management software solutions and experienced professionals will work alongside your organization to provide unparalleled support and peace of mind.

What Is a SIEM System Used for?

SIEM systems help information security professionals collect, organize, and analyze data generated throughout an organization’s technology infrastructure. They can also generate alerts for suspicious activity or actions that don’t comply with a predefined set of security rules and expectations.

The general functions of a SIEM system include:

  • Log management: A SIEM system needs data to power capabilities like analysis and reporting. It pulls this information from companywide logs and feeds it into a centralized location.
  • Analytics and event correlation: The next step is connecting the dots. A SIEM solution can analyze the data and spot patterns that indicate potential threats.
  • Alerts: A SIEM system plays a role in a company’s monitoring solution, alerting incident response teams to security incidents across the IT infrastructure. The SIEM system detects abnormal behavior according to predefined rules.
  • Compliance reporting: Organizations with strict regulations often use SIEM systems to generate compliance reports for different standards. These reports can bolster compliance by proving adherence and identifying violations.

Overall, a security information and event management system is a foundational component of real-time threat detection, various automation solutions, cybersecurity forensics, and compliance demands. 

Our SIEM System: ProCircular and AlienVault

ProCircular’s SIEM, built with the AlienVault system, takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity monitoring. Our team works alongside yours to create a customized solution and support you throughout the process, from implementation to fine-tuning. Security operations engineers from ProCircular will continuously adjust the system and filter out excess noise, so you only receive notifications for the issues that demand your attention. You can focus on the most important threats with a SIEM company that values your time.

The AlienVault USM Anywhere™️ system offers cloud-hosted support for all your IT landscapes, including on-premise physical and virtual environments, cloud apps, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure cloud environments. With a software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach, the AlienVault system allows us to deploy sensors across your IT infrastructure for detailed, real-time insights.

Our personalized approach to SIEM combines the best of automation solutions and human resources to keep a discerning eye on your network’s security and prevent unauthorized behavior before it causes issues. Should the need arise, ProCircular will be available for incident response to help you deal with malware outbreaks or network breaches of any sort.

What Is the Purpose of a SIEM?

SIEM systems enable asset discovery and inventory, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring, and log management for easy integration with other systems. Our customizable SIEM system offers:

  • Customizable features to monitor and maintain a secure environment
  • Eyes-on-screen monitoring
  • Proactive notification of real-time incidents
  • A platform to consolidate and manage all of the complex events within your physical and cloud infrastructure 
  • An open threat exchange that allows you to quickly diagnose new threats and assess their potential impact

A SIEM system is ultimately a monitoring solution, and another widespread monitoring approach involves Managed Extended Detection and Response (MDXR). This professionally managed service offers similar functionality with more support for artificial intelligence, automation, and scalability. The right one for your business will depend heavily on your existing infrastructure, so read up on the topic or talk to a security expert to find the best fit for your organization.

What Do Iowa and Minnesota Businesses Get With ProCircular’s Security Information and Event System?

When you work with ProCircular for security information and event management software solutions, you’ll get the following key benefits:

List Item One

List Item One

Eyes on screen monitoring and proactive notification of real-time incidents

List Item Two

List Item Two

A platform to consolidate and manage all of the complex events within your physical and cloud infrastructure

List Item Three

List Item Three

An open threat exchange that allows you to quickly diagnose new threats and assess their potential impact

Talk With Us About Your SIEM Needs

ProCircular’s comprehensive, custom security information and event management package delivers monitoring, alerts, and vulnerability management. As a trusted SIEM company in Minnesota and Iowa, we aim to help you build a strong foundation for a successful cybersecurity program. Whether you need us to implement a standalone SIEM system or include it as part of our comprehensive cybersecurity services, our experienced team is ready to help.

Learn more about what to look for in a SIEM system and start implementing a SIEM in your business. Reach out to us today! You can contact us online, call us at 844-95-SECUR or email us at