ProCircular’s Security Information and Event Management System

A successful security program starts with a security information and event management (SIEM) system that aligns with an organization’s needs, technical requirements, compliance guidelines, and budget. 

ProCircular has partnered with AlienVault to provide organizations with a SIEM solution that is dynamic and can be customized to fit specific needs. Headquartered in Iowa and proudly partnering with organizations across the Midwest, ProCircular’s team of engineers implement and configure a solution which includes the base functionality of the SIEM system, data correlations, security dashboards, alerts, and a threat intelligence data feed.

What is a security information and event management (SIEM) system?

Security information and event management systems often combine the power of software solutions and personnel in order to provide organizations with insights and alerts relating to their network systems, security software and other digital devices. SIEM systems also store data, enabling users to analyze patterns and catalog historical system information.

When you partner with ProCircular for a customized SIEM system, our experts will architect and implement the system. We will then provide managed security services to monitor and maintain the environment based on client needs. Proactively detecting security threats before they can harm the organization is a cornerstone of any good security program. 

ProCircular’s security information and event management software solutions and experienced professionals will come alongside your organization to provide unparalleled support and peace of mind.

What is the purpose of a SIEM?

SIEM systems enable asset discovery and inventory, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring and log management for integration with other systems. Our customizable SIEM system provides your organization with: 

  • Customizable features to monitor and maintain a secure environment
  • Eyes-on-screen monitoring
  • Proactive notification of real-time incidents
  • A platform to consolidate and manage all of the complex events within your physical and cloud infrastructure 
  • An open threat exchange that allows you to quickly diagnose new threats and assess their potential impact

What is a SIEM system utilized for?

Security information and event management systems help information security professionals collect, organize, and analyze data generated throughout an organization’s technology infrastructure. They are also designed to generate alerts in the event of suspicious activity or actions that don’t comply with a predefined set of security rules and expectations. 

What do I get?

ProCircular & AlienVault: Our SIEM System

ProCircular’s SIEM will enable you to become proactive. Our team works with yours to design a solution that fits your needs and supports you through implementation and adjusting. Once the system is operational, our security operations center engineers will continuously tune and filter out the noise, notifying you of only those issues that require your attention. 

ProCircular’s personalized approach to SIEM combines the best of automation solutions and human resources to keep a discerning eye on your network’s security and prevent unauthorized behavior before it causes issues. Should the need arise, ProCircular will be available for incident response to help you deal with malware outbreaks or network breaches of any sort.

Proactive Security Solutions with ProCircular

ProCircular’s security information and event management package includes monitoring, alerting, and vulnerability management. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to form the foundation of a successful security program.