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vCISO Services

ProCircular’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services support and augment your security, risk, compliance, and privacy programs. We help you design, implement, and manage the various elements of your cybersecurity needs.

What Is a vCISO Consultant?

vCISO stands for Virtual Chief Information Security Officer. A virtual CISO consultant is a cybersecurity expert who uses their cybersecurity and industry knowledge to help organizations develop and manage an information security program that fits their business needs and goals. vCISO consultants work with IT departments, executives, and other team members to build an information security strategy that provides protection and compliance. An experienced virtual information security officer helps companies stay on top of the threat landscape and compliance standards without hiring an internal team.

Benefits of Professional Virtual CISO Consulting Services for Your Organization

List Item One

List Item One

Wide support:

A dedicated expert cybersecurity advisor and team.

List Item Two

List Item Two

Customized plans:

An actionable security strategy and roadmap.

List Item Three

List Item Three

Fast implementation:

Prioritization, execution, and coordination of your security strategy and roadmap.

When you work with one of the top virtual CISO companies in the region, you’ll experience benefits beyond what you could achieve with an in-house cybersecurity team. Working with ProCircular gives you access to a full cybersecurity team in addition to your main point of contact. Rather than hiring a full-time CISO and investing that budget in a single salary, invest in virtual CISO consulting services from ProCircular. You’ll pay far less and have decades of combined cybersecurity expertise at your fingertips.

Our expertise covers a broad selection of cybersecurity topics and issues. We’ve seen it all, and we’re eager to serve as an extension of your team to provide enhanced network security guidance for your organization.

ProCircular’s vCISO Options

When you invest in ProCircular’s virtual CISO consulting services, you’ll get access to seasoned cybersecurity experts to help lead initiatives and assist with cybersecurity program development, maturation, and management within your organization. ProCircular will provide an overall security strategy roadmap, implementation advice, and oversight without hiring a full-time CISO. We offer varying levels of service depending on your needs: 

  • Partner vCISO Services – The “all-in” approach. ProCircular acts as a complete CISO for the duration of the partnership.
  • Transitional vCISO Services – The “interim” approach. ProCircular assumes temporary continuation of an existing security program while a new CISO is integrated.
  • Supplemental vCISO Services – Our “support” option. ProCircular provides expert assistance to support an existing CISO, adding to the CISO’s operational reach and capabilities without adding staff.

Make ProCircular Your Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Not all vCISO companies are created equal. Your dedicated virtual CISO consultant will provide you with expert cybersecurity guidance and direction, whether compliance, policy, disaster recovery, or incident response. Learn more about our virtual CISO services and strengthen your security program. Contact ProCircular today for a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Virtual CISO Consultant Do?

A virtual CISO performs essential cybersecurity support tasks needed to protect an organization’s networks, data and personnel. This includes implementing and monitoring security frameworks, managing IT strategies and plans, creating incident response plans, coordinating GRC efforts and more.

What’s the difference between a virtual CISO and a traditional CISO?

With exclusive focus inside one organization, a traditional CISO works alongside the executive team to help influence decisions regarding security practices. Although the convenience of having a CISO in-house is of value, the salary cost is a big investment. At a lower cost than a traditional CISO, a virtual CISO is an outsourced, on-demand security practitioner. A vCISO can be a single expert or include a team of experts with a breadth of knowledge and expertise from extensive training and experience that enhance an organization’s internal capabilities.

When Should You Hire a vCISO Consulting Company?

An information security program is only as strong as its consultant. If you are without a current CISO, odds are you are operating without sound security advice and at risk of a data breach. When hiring a vCISO, look for consultants that are experienced in your area of business or adjacent to your business industry. Keep in mind, a virtual chief information security officer will be working within all areas of your organization, so it’s also important to hire someone who fits your company culture.