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Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessments for Businesses In Minnesota & Iowa

Vulnerability in cybersecurity can leave your organization exposed to cyber threats. Cybersecurity vulnerability assessments can help an organization find and fortify weak spots in your network before they are identified and exploited by malicious actors. 

Considering the complexities of today’s systems, networks, and the types of data stored, periodically identifying and analyzing system vulnerabilities is an essential part of protecting your organization’s security. ProCircular’s network vulnerability assessment is an excellent tool for maintaining and improving your cybersecurity posture.

Exposing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability in cybersecurity includes any type of weakness in an information system, system security procedures, internal controls, or implementation that could be exploited by a threat source to gain unauthorized access to a network or system. When you identify vulnerabilities, you can work toward correcting errors, fortifying weak spots, and eliminating the risk of exposure. Vulnerability management in cybersecurity is an essential part of an organization’s technology program.

What is vulnerability management in cybersecurity?

The external and internal cybersecurity vulnerability management process involves an active analysis of the client’s external and internal networks, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and routers to find any potential vulnerabilities. A network vulnerability assessment also includes examining any internal infrastructures that may be accessible through the exploitation of external systems.

Once vulnerabilities are identified, testing engineers produce and present a vulnerability assessment report, complete with recommendations for fixing errors and improving cybersecurity processes.

ProCircular’s Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment

ProCircular’s vulnerability assessment is more than just a network sweep. During this assessment, ProCircular uses various testing methods to gain unauthorized access to your internal infrastructure, thus exposing weak spots and letting us know which areas need remediation. 

Our engineers find actionable solutions to each of the critical threats and weaknesses discovered during the automated vulnerability scan, and we present them in order of recommended priority. This final vulnerability assessment report will be your guide to closing the gaps that leave your business exposed. 

What Do Iowa & Minnesota Businesses Get With Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessments?

List Item One

List Item One

Full external and internal scan of the network

List Item Two

List Item Two

Report of all vulnerabilities and suggested remediation measures

List Item Three

List Item Three

Final report delivery meeting with project engineers to discuss findings and recommendations in-depth

How does ProCircular perform vulnerability assessments?

  1. After you purchase a vulnerability assessment, we will schedule a project kick-off meeting to confirm the scope and schedule of the project. 
  2. To begin testing, our engineers will run an automated vulnerability scan of your hosts. This cutting-edge virtual testing does not disrupt service on your system. You might not even notice that testing is occurring (not to worry, we will send you a reminder email before we start)! 
  3. In the final report, the test results are itemized and combined with actionable recommendations for remediation. 
  4. In our final report delivery meeting, the project engineers will explain the most critical vulnerabilities and offer recommendations to increase security. 

Protect Your Business In Iowa Or Minnesota With A ProCircular Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment.

Our cybersecurity vulnerability assessment is the simplest and least invasive first step in fortifying your cybersecurity posture. No matter the maturity of your cybersecurity system, ProCircular’s network vulnerability assessment offers key insights into identifying and closing cyber gaps before they can be discovered by malicious actors. Contact our team at ProCircular, call us at 844-95-SECUR or email us at to schedule a single or recurring assessments to tackle your cyber vulnerabilities.