Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Services

ProCircular’s cybersecurity penetration testing services go deeper than standard security scans to help identify complex security gaps. After detailed reconnaissance of your organization’s digital landscape, our team of network penetration testing experts will circumvent security processes and controls to gain access to your systems. 

Once inside your network, ProCircular will identify potential exploits and locate sensitive data and systems, then catalog the most pressing threats to security and privacy with a cybersecurity gap analysis. 

Protect Your Business with Network Penetration Testing

Our engineers are certified ethical hackers. This means that they take on the perspective of a potential attacker to find vulnerabilities and exploitation opportunities to gain unauthorized access to the system. ProCircular’s network penetration testing engineers are continuously updating their library of known vulnerabilities and attack methods to test against the most probable threats. 

According to Eric Basu of Forbes Magazine, “At the end of the day when it comes to your data, your networks, your business, and your people, one thing matters most:  real-world security.” ProCircular places real, certified ethical hackers into your network to test the critical real-world security of your systems. 

What is Ethical Hacking?

An ethical hacker attempts to locate and exploit vulnerabilities, just as a real world cyber attacker would. The goal of ethical hacking is to report back to the client with a list of prioritized risks and recommendations for enhancing network protection and mitigating the risk of a potential real attack. Our engineers are certified in ethical hacking, and they have been trusted to find and test vulnerabilities in over 100 client networks.

ProCircular’s Network Penetration Testing & Cybersecurity Gap Analysis

ProCircular will not just digitally spray your network with a cybersecurity tool and email you a report. Our penetration testing process uses a hands-on approach, typically performed onsite, using a combination of manual exploits and the latest software tools to discover your network’s weak spots. 

Your IT team can ride along with our cybersecurity engineers as a part of the process to strengthen their own skills and knowledge. Network penetration testing is one of our most common engagements, and we’re proud to be one of the nation’s elite penetration testing companies, earning praise and endorsements from local and national organizations.

What do I get?

Types of Penetration Testing

ProCircular’s full cybersecurity penetration testing services includes assessments of both your external and internal networks, as well as a social engineering campaign to assess and develop the security of your entire staff.

Some clients hire ProCircular to perform specific pieces of the full assessment. We provide options to access the security of your external network with an external penetration test, or we can survey a web application with our web application penetration test.

Internal Penetration Testing

Internal penetration testing is performed within an organization’s internal networks. During the internal penetration testing process, our cyber experts see what malicious actors would be able to exploit if they had internal access to your systems. Someone could gain unauthorized internal access by hacking into an employee’s email or website login credentials.

Different types of private information may be exploited depending on whether a hacker exploits internal systems or external assets.

External Penetration Testing

External penetration testing is a way of assessing security for public-facing networks and systems. External penetration testing takes the perspective of an attacker with no prior access to your network and no exploitation of internal system credentials. 

Both types of network penetration testing are important in order to expose weak spots in your networks and fortify them to protect you from cyber attacks. ProCircular’s penetration testing process covers both internal and external penetration testing.

The Network Penetration Testing Process

  1. After you purchase penetration test services, we will schedule a project kick-off meeting to confirm the scope and schedule of the project. 
  2. The engagement begins with a virtual social engineering aspect. ProCircular will design a phishing or vishing campaign to determine the security awareness of your staff. 
  3. Next, our engineers will run an initial, automated vulnerability scan of the list of your hosts, then manually verify the findings. 
  4. The engineers test for vulnerabilities that modern attackers can find, but an automated scanner might not identify. We perform this combination of automated and manual enumeration on both your external and internal networks, with the internal testing typically occurring onsite. 
  5. The information gained during each phase of the engagement is leveraged in the next phase to mimic a real-world attacker and dig deeper into your network. 
  6. In the final cybersecurity gap analysis report, the test results are detailed and combined with actionable recommendations to implement in order to fortify your organizational cybersecurity. In our final report delivery meeting, you will meet with the project engineers to discuss the most critical vulnerabilities and recommendations to increase security. 

Trust the ProCircular Cybersecurity Experts for Penetration Testing Services

Proudly serving Iowa, Minnesota and the entire midwest, ProCircular is among the nation’s best penetration testing companies. Our full cybersecurity penetration testing process provides an in-depth look into the current security of your internal and external networks. 

Our ethical hackers are committed to identifying vulnerabilities throughout your network and delivering actionable recommendations to strengthen your security posture.