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Penetration Testing Services

Our certified ethical hacking team identifies complex security vulnerabilities through intensive reconnaissance into your organization’s digital landscape. Once we detect security gaps, we will gain access to your systems to find potential exploits and access points to sensitive data. We then catalog and prioritize security and privacy threats in a practical and actionable report.

As a top penetration testing service provider, our team members are constantly updating their knowledge base and attack methods to help protect you from cyber threats.

How Penetration Testing Benefits Your Organization

ProCircular’s testing engineers use proven attack strategies to test the robustness of your security systems. The benefits of pen test services include:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities: Cybersecurity weaknesses can result from outdated software, lax password protocols, and user security awareness deficiencies. Our risk assessment reveals and remediates any weaknesses in your environment. 
  • Validating cybersecurity policies: Digital security policies and controls document and maintain a culture of cybersecurity. Our engineers will validate your input rules’ efficacy. 
  • Testing digital landscapes: All websites have a level of security risk. We recommend an annual pen test to optimize cybersecurity protection, giving you greater peace of mind. 
  • Ensuring compliance: Each industry has compliance standards that they must adhere to. Our penetration testing as a service assists you in meeting compliance requirements and best practices. We also enable you to document your efforts in mitigating risk and liability. 

ProCircular’s Penetration Testing Process and Deliverables

Our team offers penetration testing in Minnesota, Iowa and across the country to find, test, and remediate vulnerabilities, fortifying your organization’s digital infrastructure. 

We don’t just digitally spray your network with a cybersecurity tool and email you a report. Our penetration testing process is a hands-on approach, typically performed on-site, using a combination of manual exploits and the latest software tools to discover your network’s weak spots. Your IT team can ride along with our cybersecurity engineers as a part of the process to strengthen their skills and knowledge. 

Test Process

After you purchase penetration test services, we will schedule a project kick-off meeting to confirm the scope and schedule of the project. Next steps include:

  • Social engineering campaign
  • Automated and manual vulnerability scans
  • Internal and external penetration reports and actionable recommendations


We provide:

List Item One

List Item One

Risk identification:

An understanding of your organization’s most critical cyber risks and a road map and priority list for remediation.

List Item Two

List Item Two

Cybersecurity assessment:

A quantitative measure of your cyber risk and access to a platform to gauge your progress over time.

List Item Three

List Item Three

Impartial analysis:

An unbiased, independent third-party evaluation of your organization.

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ProCircular is one of the leading security testing service companies and part of the Inc. 5000 list, making us one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. We serve organizations by providing penetration testing web services in Minnesota, Iowa, and other states nationwide to evaluate the robustness of your security networks.

Speak with one of our experts today about scheduling your annual pen test.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing as a service is a security assessment of internal and external networks. The process includes engineering attacks or campaigns to test vulnerabilities comprehensively and find ways to fortify your landscape. A penetration test consists of a report of findings with action items to remediate weaknesses.

What Is the Difference Between Internal and External Penetration Testing Services?

Internal penetration testing reviews your internal networks, systems, and protocols to determine what malicious parties may exploit if they access employee logins or credentials.

External penetration testing examines the security of your public systems and networks. External pen testing takes the approach of an attacker with no prior access to your systems or employee login information.

Both types are essential for uncovering vulnerabilities and implementing strategies to protect against cyberattacks.

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hackers identify and exploit weaknesses as a malicious, real-world attacker would. The purpose is to provide an organization with feedback and recommendations to ward off potential attacks and enhance network security.